Why advertise your holiday property with us

Advertise your property

As a small, independent, family-run business, we do work hard to provide the best for our customers and property owners.

If we provide a good service to our customers, with:

  • detailed information on their rental property, selected Bed & Breakfast, campsite or hotel,
  • extra assistance by offering a range of satellite services to make their holiday as comfortable as possible,
  • information around accessible sites and activities in the area they will be visiting, clients will associate your property with "what a great holiday we had last time!"

    This will generate repeated bookings year after year which obviously makes our property owners, holiday village and hotel managers happy and enables us to build strong relationships to provide a specialist service all over the country.
Holiday Property

What we do for you...

  • Display your property details on our site, in both English and French versions, therefore making your property information accessible to the global holiday rental market;  clients have come from as far afield as the USA, Canada, northern Europe and Australia, as well as from the UK and France
  • market it all year long, not just for July and August
  • give clients the help they need to enjoy a full holiday experience, by also providing assistance with accessible hotels en route
  • support clients with medical equipment rental
  • promote accessible visits and activities in your area
  • give you regular feedback

We will be delighted to send you our Marketing Pack through which you will gain a better understanding of what we offer, how we go about promoting your property but also how thorough we are when listing a range of properties which we feel would answer our clients' varied needs.

Please contact us for more details.