Holiday Information


Passport & Visas

The following information applies to British Citizen’s holding a UK passport issued in the UK. Non-British
Citizen passport holders or British Citizens holding a UK passport issued abroad or holders of British Subject Passports should contact the appropriate consulate or embassy for clarification.

Please be aware that both passport and visa regulations can change and you should therefore check with the relevant authority well in advance of travel. It can often take some time to obtain a visa, so we strongly recommend you apply in plenty of time.

Validity: as the holder of a British passport, you may travel to France up until the expiry date of your travel document.

Names: At the time of booking, please ensure you supply your first name and surname as they appear on your passport as both of these must be stated on your flight, train or ferry ticket. This will reduce confusion and delays at check-in. You may not be able to travel and insurance may be invalid if the name on your passport and travel documents do not match. If, after booking a holiday but before travelling, any member of your party changes their name (e.g. as a result of getting married), you must notify us immediately so that we can make the necessary changes to your holiday documentation.

Please note that children are required to have their own valid passport.

Currency and Money

Currency & Money

France is part of the Euro zone. We recommend you have some Euros available when you first arrive. We can give you an indication of the exchange rate at the time of booking but please bear in mind that this rate will fluctuate.

Major credit cards are widely accepted in most locations but charges vary and are often not transparent so please check with your card issuer before you travel.

Debit cards are still not accepted everywhere so please make sure you have another form of payment with you.

Time Difference

GMT + 1

Please remember that France also moves its clocks backward on the last week-end in October and forward on the last week-end in March, exactly on the same dates than the UK.

International calls

To call the UK from France, remember you will need to add the UK international code: 0044. If you wish for someone in the UK to contact you during your stay in France, please ask them to add the international code for France: 0033.

Road Safety Warning Triangle

Road safety

There are a few rules you need to remember when driving in France:

  • Drive on the right - Remember on roundabouts, incoming traffic will come from your left
  • Carry a warning triangle and a high-visibility vest (on sale on our website)
  • Zebra-crossing: do not assume that vehicles will stop at a zebra crossing. Please check for incoming traffic before you engage on a zebra crossing.
  • UK registered vehicles displaying Euro-plates (a circle of 12 stars above the national identifier on a blue background) no longer need a GB sticker when driving in European Union countries.
  • You must always carry your driving licence - vehicle registration document (V5) and your certificate of motor insurance. If your licence does not incorporate a photograph, ensure you carry your passport to validate the licence. If the vehicle is not registered in your name, please carry a letter from the registered owner giving you permission to drive.

Personal Identification

It is the law in France to have to carry some form of personal identification document with you to enable identity checks. Please ensure you carry your passport with you at all times.

Travel Insurance

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Medical Assistance in France

Medical Assistance

During your stay in France, you will be able to contact our helpline 24/7 should you require any assistance.

Please remember to carry with you at all times your EHIC and medical insurance documents.

We will provide you with a list containing:

  • the nearest A&E Hospital contact details
  • the nearest GP number
  • local pharmacies numbers and opening hours.
- Fire brigade ⇒ Dial 18 (from any phone in France)
- Ambulance service (around cities) ⇒ Dial 15
- Police ⇒ Dial 17
- Anti-poison centre (Paris) ⇒ Dial
- Emergency at sea ⇒ (from Mobile) 1616
     (canal VHF at sea) 16