About Bespoke France

Our story

Our beautiful daughter

Our story began in 2004, when our first daughter was born with a life-long condition affecting learning and development, together with a debilitating bowel condition... She was also diagnosed with a visual and hearing impairment from early on… but thanks to a helping hand from her little sister H. who came along 2 years later, our determination to give her the same very best chances and experiences, and above all, thanks to her willingness to fight in order to overcome any obstacle thrown in her way, L. has turned into a thriving (and very cheeky) little girl!

In 2011, L was also diagnosed with autism and so, we found ourselves embarking on a slightly different, on-going journey with its new set of challenges!

L.  and H. have really been our source of inspiration for the past few years and through our family story, we feel we can really understand the problems one can encounter as a parent, a friend of a disabled person or, if at all possible, as an individual with special needs…

France is the place!
I was born in the Pyrenees in the South West of France where I grew up and got the opportunity to travel all over France and Europe. As a native, language and communication is obviously not a problem, which has proven invaluable in building solid trading relationships with our property owners and service providers across the Channel.

We understand the travel and tourism industry…
I have inherited from my mother a passion for travel and for exploring places always that little bit further. With a background in Tourism, Business Administration and Translation, I secured a position with Thomas Cook UK in 1998… The rest is down to romance!!

Since our daughters came along, we have experienced a few disastrous holidays.

"Surely this should not have happened… They did not have a clue… What a nightmare that was…" were some of the comments sticking inside our minds after getting back to the UK, exhausted and in need of a holiday to recover from the holiday!

From the presence of steps (even tiny ones!) to the lack of decent turning areas... from the absence of a private, properly fenced garden to the lack of visible signage, indispensable for visually impaired guests... from non-fenced pools to uneven garden grounds… all these elements might appear as little details to the majority but, to a disabled person, a parent of a child with a severe learning disability or an individual with reduced mobility, those could mean the difference between a comfortable, stress-free holiday and a break from hell!

It is those past experiences which we have been drawing upon; also through many discussions with members of our family and friends, from wheelchair users to families living with autism, we became more and more conscious of the lack of suitable holiday retreats for many families like ours...

France is a nation we know very well and a country bursting with holiday opportunities, to the extend we feel our customers do not always realise. Indeed, France has it ALL… and it is accessible whichever way you prefer to travel.

Our philosophy

Teenager with reduced mobility with his familyWater sports for all

"Where there is a will, there is a way" and this basically summarises the philosophy behind the company… Whether you have reduced mobility, whether you, one of your friend or someone in your travelling party has a visual or an auditory impairment or whether you would like to arrange a break for somebody who has a learning disability, is recovering after an accident or a stroke… everybody deserves a break, everybody deserves to get away in the best possible conditions and to enjoy their holiday to the full…

Bespoke France is an independent family run business and each and every one of us is strongly committed to offer each and every one of you, the best experience, the best holiday you could wish for, “Life is a journey, not a destination”, in other words, we are always on the go and never stop searching for suitable properties but also interesting sites and activities which you will be able to access, in order to make your holiday as complete as possible.
This is the driving force behind what we do every single day.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any information on the area you are willing to discover or to discuss what does just hopping across the Channel could mean to YOU…