Holidays for Travellers Living with Autism & Learning Disabilities

Finding suitable accommodation when living with Autism & Learning Disabilities

Father and children having a nice trip through France

We are very much aware that accessible does not only mean wheelchair accessible...
Many families come to us feeling a bit lost as they do not have specific requirements in terms of access but instead, are looking for a safe, secured holiday cottage where they can relax and enjoy their break to the full.

Indeed, for some of our customers, travelling and relaxing on holiday can prove really difficult... All you worry about is that your child will not disrupt other guests and will not be labelled as "naughty" or "badly behaved" and attract persisting looks because of their learning disability...

You are looking for a place where like-minded, non-judgemental families will make it easy for you to relax and where the whole family will be able to really enjoy the holiday.

At Bespoke France, we cater for families who have a child, a member of the family on the autistic spectrum and live with learning disabilities... And we understand that all these families are looking for is a safe, fun holiday heaven for all!

For your family, "accessible" does not mean that you will need a ramp to get through the front door or a wheel-in shower but that you will need "practical" adaptations, such as safety gates, lockable doors and windows and well-fenced pool and gardens so that you can relax while your child is keeping busy but above all safe!

Dad and son in the swimming pool

We have established very good relationships with a variety of cottage owners who have excellent experience of children and adult on the autistic spectrum, children with Down's Syndrome or a range of learning disabilities as they either have themselves a child with the condition or have, through their career, dedicated their time to children or adults living with a learning disability.

Some locations are even able to offer Respite Care so if you fancy a peaceful evening meal with your partner or a couple of hours off for that relaxing afternoon stroll, use our search facility and look for the ASD/MLD symbol...



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