Wheelchair Accessible Properties

Finding suitable holiday accommodation to suit wheelchair users, their family and friends.

Log Cabin Accommodation for people with reduced mobility

For guests on a wheelchair, it will be about making sure access is easy all around.

This means that there is not only a ramp to help you access the accommodation, but that, first of all, gravel is not invading the car park and consequently making access to the accommodation extremely difficult (if not impossible!).

It will be about making sure the kitchen is fully equipped and has been adapted to answer your needs. The doors are wide enough and the plugs and switches are not out of reach and that, in the bathroom there is a wheel-in shower with plenty of space and somewhere to sit; it could also mean that the garden is not populated with steps despite the fact that the accommodation is fully accessible.

Woman in whairchair enjoying the beach

For those keen on swimming, we also have some properties with a pool hoist or even ramp access into the pool to make your holiday complete...

Again, it could be that you have selected that really nice wheelchair accessible hotel but are wondering if there is enough space under the bed for you to be able to use a hoist...

Whatever it is you are looking for, we have a range of wheelchair accessible accommodation to suit you and your party.

Please use our search facility to get an idea of the type of accommodation we offer...


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